Lab Distribution

Lab Distribution nasce nel 2010 con l’obiettivo di distribuire brand di tendenza.

Siamo una realtà giovane e dinamica.
Da sempre poniamo particolare attenzione al mondo Green, cercando di indirizzare gli sforzi verso una distribuzione ecosostenibile, collaborando con diversi brand che condividono questa filosofia.

Grazie a un lavoro di squadra composto da team di venditori professionisti, riusciamo a coprire tutto il territorio nazionale e avere uno sguardo sempre attento alle tendenze emergenti, proponendo servizi specifici di distribuzione di alto livello adatti a chi vuole entrare nel mercato italiano.

Fondamentale, è creare un rapporto continuativo e di fiducia con tutti i nostri clienti, che sono parte integrante del progetto Lab Distribution.


  • California

In 2010 we started making products to protect our friends and families from the sun. Since then we’ve grown and gotten a lot bigger but we haven’t changed.

Our Cocoa Beach office is an old Florida beach house off A1A.
Our Moonlight Beach office is in the groovy little town of Encinitas California.
We play way too much ping pong during work hours.
We listen to old albums.
We take surf breaks.
We bring our dogs and kids to work.
We want our lives to matter.
We make products the way we like them and we hope you like them too.

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  • California
  • Bali

Indosole represents a lifestyle of resourceful creation.
Our footwear is crafted by artisans in Indonesia featuring repurposed and natural materials.

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Feel the difference

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  • California

At Mizu, we don’t just sell an adventure-rich lifestyle, we live it.
From our global team of athletes, photographers, and explorers right down to the people developing our products, we spend half our lives outdoors running our gear into the ground. So don’t worry – we’ve got you covered around the clock for icy cold water, steaming hot coffee, lifetime warranties, and so much more. But who says a kick-ass product can’t be good looking at the same time? Not Mizu. Which is why we focus on elevated design, innovative finishes and a final product that you’ll want to own as much for how it looks as how it functions. Our path at Mizu is an authentic one.
From our very beginnings to our ongoing mission, we have blazed a trail by engineering products that reflect who we are and where we want to go.

Join us for the ride.

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Mizu Custom

  • California

Create custom drinkware to enhance your brand and help reduce single-use waste. Ready to get started? Contact us by email or give us a call.